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RMA (which stands for the company founders daughters Renee, Meghan and Alexis) was founded by Blake Waldrop, a former US Marine (2001-2005) and a sworn police officer (2007-2013) Blake knows what it's like to wear body armor and put your life into a products hands. His mission is that of impeccable quality.

Here at RMA we did something unique; took the concept of a body armor plate and made changes to every detailed part. Changing materials, adhesives, ceramics and more. Every part down to the thread was analyzed and made better through science and chemistry. The end result? A record breaking ballistic performance plate that out performs every competitor in the industry. Why go to great lengths to make such a product that's costly, and too labor intensive? Because it's our passion to make a product you can truly put your life behind.

Here at RMA we don't just claim to have the customer in mind when engineering our products - we've proved it.  RMA has invested just over $4.5 million dollars into our products, insuring we're the best in the market.

RMA owns and operates a 20,000 square foot factory in Centerville, Iowa where all armor plates are manufactured from raw material to final product. Please stop by for a tour! We give tours on a daily basis and would be honored to show you, our customer, the products we produce here.

Our Company Credentials:

NIJ Certified: Level IV (Model #1189) and Level III (Model #1088)
US Patent: 14/054,260 (Pending)
DUNS: 078720225
CAGE: 708P1
US Trademark Registered: 4501218


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