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We offer custom fabrication that can provide you with precision CNC machining that can fit a broad scope of your custom needs. We also possess the capabilities to generate CAD engineering drawings from sketches, and create 3D models.

Our expertise allows us to make engineering, material, and process suggestions that can enhance many of your products' characteristics.

Capabilities include:
     •   Gray Iron
     •   Ductile Iron,
     •   Aluminum
     •   Austempered Ductile Iron,
     •   Steel
     •   Steel Alloys
     •   Patterns
     •   Prototype Tooling
     •   Production Tooling
     •   Prototype Castings
     •   Complete Testing and Metallurgical Reports
     •   Reverse Engineering Capabilities
     •   Full Water jet Cutting Capabilities

We possess the capability to machine all castings to your required specifications. Other processes such as heat treating, painting, impregnation, and special cleaning / de binding are also provided. Complete blueprint to final product services.