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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Body Armor Plates

Body Armor Plates:

RMA Armament, Inc. proudly offers you the finest, strongest and most durable ballistic ceramic armor plates on the US market today. Ceramic armor plates with a tough, high density Polyethylene backing, these body armor plates are offered to you in both Level III and Level IV in sizes 10x12 and 11x13 and soon to be 6x6. 

We're former active duty infantry soldiers, police officers and professional experts in body armor. Commonly referred to as a SAPI plate in most law enforcement and military circles, please visit our Armor page for additional product information.

RMA's armor is tested against a wide range of ballistics yearly for quality assurance and superiority over our competitors. Our ceramic body armor is tested against higher ballistics than what is recommended and also placed under extreme stress with dozens upon dozens of rounds fired. We make sure the ceramic body armor our customers purchase is superior in strength to anyone else on the US market today. Stronger than traditional steel plate armor, RMA's ceramic armor plates will never cease to impress when it comes to durability and raw strength. Our Level III and IV body armor is sure to impress..

Our last ballistic test conducted in a NIJ certified lab was on 09/18/2013. RMA is one of the extreme few to pull off multi hit .30-06 M2AP rounds on the same plate. Please see our report on the RMA Armor page.

RMA's ceramic armor plates are lightweight, strong, extremely durable and waterproof. We guarantee you will be impressed with our body armor in terms of strength in comparison to other ceramic armor plates on the US market today. Become a customer of ours and join thousands of others around the United States and many overseas serving our great nation who proudly wears RMA ceramic body armor. 

Support a Proud Veteran Owned Business! Try our top of the line plates!



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