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Friday, March 11, 2016

RMA Moves its Presses

As many RMA users and fans know, our world-class body armor has been in high demand. Because of this demand, RMA has had the need for quite some time to move its manufacturing facilities.

Well, now is that time.

After gaining full support of the City of Centerville (IA) and Appanoose County, RMA has officially moved its manufacturing headquarters to the former US National Guard Armory in southern Iowa.

The 20,200 square foot facility will allow RMA to have full manufacturing capabilities under one roof with the ability for future expansion.

What this move accomplishes:

New Products. While RMA currently manufactures NIJ Certified Level IV and Level III hard armor plates, along with a special rifle threat and IIIa hard and soft armor, we will also roll out new plates to add to our armor line. The plan right now is to manufacture more cost effective Level IV and Level III plates, as well as a III+ plate to defeat the m855 and SS109.

Shorter Lead Times. While we traditionally hold to a lead time of eight weeks on products we've sold out of, we will keep an even healthier amount of inventory on hand, to get products to our customers within a weeks time. However, if we are out of stock on a certain SKU, we would like to keep our lead time to 4-6 weeks, or shorter.

On Site Testing. The move to a former US National Guard Armory has plenty of perks, including a rifle range. Since moving our administrative offices into our new facility one week ago, we have begun work to out fit the rifle range. This will allow us to test all of our hard armor products in house to make sure they exceed standards. 

To begin accomplishing these goals, our hope is that it will take 8 weeks or less to get our brand new manufacturing facility up and fully running. While we wish it only took one week to relocate and begin manufacturing, the fact of the matter is, we need to make sure that we are manufacturing our world-class, life saving products to the highest standards. And yes, it does take time.

Thank you for your patience. We will keep you updated on the move!

Below are pictures of what it takes to move our presses! They are being moved as we speak!

Press Move 1

Press Move 2

Press Move 3



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